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SKA-Australia-072px.pngAustralia's involvement in the SKA project is coordinated by the Australian SKA Office (based within the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science) through the Australia-New Zealand SKA Coordination Committee (ANZSCC). 

The ANZSCC was established through bilateral arrangements between the Australian Government and the New Zealand Government, and between the Australian Government and the Government of Western Australia. Members of the ANZSCC are drawn from the Department of Industry and Science and CSIRO (Australian Government), the Western Australian Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC), the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR), the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT). Additional members are appointed for their particular expertise or ability to contribute. For more information go to the ANZSCC page.

The Australian SKA Office also coordinates with local stakeholders in Western Australia, Australian universities, research institutes and businesses to ensure the SKA delivers maximum, lasting value to the Australian public and research sector.

The Australian SKA Office engages with Australasian industry through the Australasian SKA Industry Cluster. The Office works closely with Australian industry in the design, construction and operation of the SKA. The Office also administers the SKA Pre-construction Grants Program to facilitate Australian contributions to the SKA’s design.

The Australian SKA Office also engages with the Australian science community through the ANZSCC's Science Advisory Committee. The Committee is a group of astronomers and other scientists from around Australia and abroad which meets regularly to discuss the key science issues which affect the project.  


The Team

Australian Project Director - David Luchetti

David Luchetti is an experienced public servant and has worked in a range of areas relating to trade and industry policy and programme delivery. In his current role as Australian Project Director, Australian Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Office, David leads the Australian Government’s involvement in the international SKA Project.

The Australian SKA Office within the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, is responsible for delivering the Australian site for the SKA, working with its stakeholders - including industry and the Australian science community – and engaging with the project internationally.

David has previously worked in the Industry department’s program delivery division – AusIndustry. He has also managed a number of high profile government programs including the R&D Tax Concession Program and the Venture Capital Programs.

Strategy and Pre-Construction


Headed by Michael Bryson, the Strategy and Pre-Construction section has responsibility for managing Australia’s involvement in the international policy processes of the SKA project. This includes supporting Australia’s SKA Organisation Board directors and member representative. The section also supports the work of the Australia-New Zealand SKA Coordination Committee which oversees Australian and New Zealand SKA activities. In addition, the section supports the participation of a number of Australia science organisations, universities and companies in SKA design and technology work including through provision of grants.


Program Planning and Stakeholder Management


Headed by Jerry Skinner, the Program Planning and Stakeholder Management section is responsible for managing the Australian SKA project’s engagement with Australian industry, scientists, regional Western Australian stakeholders and international stakeholders. The team is also responsible for SKA project planning and reporting, and manages the secretariat functions of the SKA Science Advisory Committee and Australasian SKA Industry Cluster. It also manages SKA communications, including the website, SKA media and the ANZSCC Communications Sub Committee.


Site Establishment and Protection


Headed by Jonathan Rogers, the Site Establishment and Protection section is responsible for developing policy and advice for site establishment issues. These include environmental impact, native title and indigenous heritage, the Radio Quiet Zone and other issues. This section also engages with the Western Australian Government on related policy issues. 


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